Storage Solutions for Small Living Space

Storage Solutions for Small Living Space

Whether you are living in a 500 square foot condo in Toronto, a three bedroom townhouse in Burlington, or a fully detached home in Hamilton, we tend to fill up our space with…things! And unless going full minimalist is your style, finding creative storage solutions to organize our small living space is on ongoing process.

When I first moved into our GTA condo, I won’t lie, it took some adjustment. We live in a one + den approx 600 sq ft condo, and as our lives have changed, our storage has changed with it! When we adopted our puppy (who will eat anything and everything he can reach), we had to be a lot more intentional about how we stored our belongings. Here are the top four storage tips and tricks I’ve tried out that have made my condo life a dream!

1. Only keep what you need

While buying in bulk can definitely save you money (hello fellow Costco friends), you need to be realistic. Sure, it’s a great deal to buy a 50 pack of toilet paper, but what are you to do when you have nowhere to store it? Be reasonable. 

The same goes for clothes, dishes, books, movies and odds and ends. What do you actually need and what is just clutter? When space is at a premium, it can be valuable to go through and do a bit of a purge. Donate, throw out, sell things online, or simply box up and put into a storage locker. 

2. Vertical Storage

Let vertical storage become your best friend! I’m talking cabinets, bookcases, shelving… whatever you can stack to maximize your space. 

3. Careful and Intentional Furniture Selection

When choosing furniture, try to find pieces that are both beautiful and functional. These days there are tons of furniture pieces that offer hidden storage. For my small space, that meant selecting a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table, putting up an over toilet cabinet instead of just a shelf, and putting dressers inside the closets to maximize the space. 

4. Be Creative!

Every space is a little different, so let your lifestyle dictate what you do! A friend suggested told me that under bed storage containers work super well for his storage needs. If you often have guests stay over but only have one bedroom, consider a futon or couch with pullout. I personally work from home my boyfriend also needed a desk. But finding a desk that was a perfect fit for our den and two people was literally impossible. I eventually decided to DIY and custom build the right piece with the help of IKEA and Home Depot.

What storage solutions have you found for your small living space?

When you’ve run out of square footage and it’s time to upgrade your home, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s find you a new place!