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A more affordable neighbourhood along the north end of Hamilton


Industrial At A Glance




*home price ranking is comparative to other Hamilton neighbourhoods

**average house price as of July 2021 from RAHB

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The Industrial Hamilton area is one of the more affordable areas in the city. Made up of North Sherman and North Crown Point, for anyone on a budget who is keen on a freehold home, these areas may offer up the most options! Easy access to Burlington St to the QEW make this an easy option for commuters. Learn more by contacting Emily Jones, the only realtor in Industrial Hamilton, you need.


Where is the Industrial area? This area of Hamilton is made up of a couple neighbourhoods. North Sherman is on the west side, nearest Gibson / Stipley. This area is defined by Barton, Wentworth, the lake, and Gage. Crown Point North is on the east side, and it’s borders are Gage, Barton, the lake, and Kenilworth. 


What are the average homes price in the Industrial area? The average freehold home is $470,500 (July 2021).


What are the houses like in the Industrial areas? This area was established in the late 1800s-early 1900s, so century homes are abundant. The majority of homes here are detached, though there are some semis, row houses and apartments as well. The average freehold home in this area has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and is just over 1000 square feet.


Is the Industrial area safe? You can check out the latest crime activity across Hamilton with the police crime mapping tool, linked below to see how different neighbourhoods compare.


What are the best features of the Industrial neighbourhoods? The Industrial area offers some great homes for an affordable price, and you still have access to lots of amenities. For anyone looking for a freehold home on a budget, or who is trying to get the most for their money, this area is certainly one to consider. 


Thinking of moving to the Industrial area? Come see for yourself! Google maps can be great, but the best way to get a feel for a community is to spend time in it. Either come for a walk, or take a leisurely drive. Take a look at the pockets around The Centre on Barton (all the amenities you’ll need) and the little residential side streets along Barton headed downtown. 

Industrial Area Schools:

  • Cathy Wever Elementary School
  • Prince of Wales Elementary School
  • Bernie Custis Secondary School
  • St. Francis of Xavier Catholic Elementary School
  • Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School
  • Cathedral Catholic Secondary School


Crown Point North

  • Hayward Park
  • St. Christopher’s Park
  • Dofasco Property Park

North Sherman

  • Lucy Day Park
  • Birch Park
  • Woodlands Park


  • Birch Avenue Leash Free Area (Dog Park)
  • Woodlands Outdoor Fitness Park
  • Little Rays Reptile Zoo and Nature Centre- Hamilton


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