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Crown Point Realtor


An up and coming Hamilton neighbourhood

Crown Point At A Glance




*home price ranking is comparative to other Hamilton neighbourhoods

**average house price as of July 2021 from RAHB

Crown Point hits all the boxes for me. Great community atmosphere, walkability to restaurants and shops, quickly emerging as a desirable neighbourhood.  If you’re looking for an affordable option with lots to do, Crown Point delivers. As a Crown Point realtor, we can find what you need. 


Where is Crown Point? Outlined by Barton, Main, Gage and Kenilworth. Ottawa runs through the middle, dividing Crown Point East and Crown Point West.


What’s the average house price in Crown Point? $530,000 (July 2021)


What are the houses like in Crown Point? The vast majority of the homes in Crown Point are detached and were built before 1960 (many homes are much older). The average home in this area has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and is about 1100 square feet.


Is Crown Point safe? You can check out the latest crime activity across Hamilton with the police crime mapping tool, linked below to see how different neighbourhoods compare.


What are the best features of Crown Point? Ottawa Street! Running right through the middle, Ottawa Street is a hub of activity. Historically this has been a street of textiles and antiques, so it’s a great place to stroll and shop. The past few years have seen a surge of new restaurants and small businesses – the community feeling is strong!


Thinking of moving to Crown Point? Take a drive, bike or walk through the communities to get a feel for it. Some of my favorite places to check out are The Cannon, Hambrgr, and the Antique Mall!

Crown Point Schools:

  • Queen Mary Public School
  • Memorial City Elementary School
  • Bernie Custis Secondary School
  • Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
  • Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School
  • Cathedral High School


  • A.M. Cunningham Parkette
  • Belvile Park
  • Pipeline Park
  • R.T. Steel Park
  • Honourable Bob Mackenzie Park


  • 2 Trails
  • 1 Splash Park
  • 5 Playgrounds


Thinking of buying or selling in Crown Point?  Contact me below!


(289) 259-7863

Emily Jones Realtor