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Hamilton Centre


A collection of downtown Hamilton neighbourhoods: Stinson, Corktown, Landsdale, and Beasley

Hamilton Centre At A Glance




*home price ranking is comparative to other Hamilton neighbourhoods

**average house price as of July 2021 from RAHB

If you want to be in the heart of Hamilton, you should consider one of the Hamilton Centre neighbourhoods. These old communities have great access to Hamilton transit and the GO train and buses, have trendy restaurants nearby, and contain St. Joseph’s Healthcare (hospital), Hamilton General Hospital, and the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre. 


Where is Hamilton Centre? Made up of Stinson, Corktown, Landsdale and Beasley, Hamilton Centre is in downtown Hamilton. The whole area is outlined by James St, Barton St, Wentworth St, and the mountain. Corktown is in the south-west (closest to the mountain), Stinson is in the south-east, Beasley is in the north-west, and Landsdale is in the north-east quadrant.


What are the average homes price in Hamilton Centre? The average freehold home is $608,250 (July 2021) though this will vary depending on what area in Hamilton Centre you are looking in. There are also a number of condo style units available here that offer a more budget friendly option.


What are the houses like in Hamilton Centre? These communities were established in the mid-late 1800s, so houses of this era are still commonly found. Most of the homes here are freehold, with a good mix of freehold styles (detached, semis and row houses). There are quite a few apartment style rental units and condo apartments as well. The average freehold home in this area has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and is about 1400 square feet.


Is Hamilton Centre safe? You can check out the latest crime activity across Hamilton with the police crime mapping tool, linked below to see how different neighbourhoods compare.


What are the best features of Hamilton Centre? This very old area in Hamilton has (in my opinion) the best arts and food scene in the city. It’s a fun community to be a part of, and you’ll never get tired of exploring the small businesses, the restaurants, and the art galleries. Make sure to head to Supercrawl on James every year, Hamilton’s Music and Arts Festival.  


Thinking of moving to Hamilton Centre? The best way to experience a community is to spend some time there! Spend an evening hitting up a patio or bar along Augusta St, check out one of the art galleries or little shops on James St, or get that downtown vibe along King St. 

Hamilton Centre Schools:

  • Queen Victoria Elementary School
  • Bernie Custis Secondary School
  • St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School
  • Cathedral Catholic Secondary School



  • Bishop’s Park


  • Carter Park
  • Claremont Access Parkettes
  • Shamrock Park
  • Corktown Park
  • Rail Trail Dog Park
  • Woolverton Park
  • St. Joseph’s Park


  • Mclaren Park
  • Gore Park
  • John Rebecca Park

Beasley North

  • Immigration Square
  • Jackie Washington Rotary Park


  • J.C. Beemer Park
  • Tweedsmuir Park
  • Century Street Park



  • Escarpment stairs
  • Wentworth Stairs
  • Stinson Street Playground
  • Escarpment Rail Trail


  • Central Memorial Recreation Centre
  • Keddy Access Trail
  • Shamrock Park Playground and Swingset
  • Escarpment Rail Trail
  • Prince’s Square


  • Christ’s Church Cathedral Cemetery
  • Beasley Community Centre
  • Beasley Skatepark
  • Gore Park Veteran’s Memorial
  • Gore Park Fountain


Thinking of buying or selling in Hamilton Centre?  Contact me below!


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