How COVID Changed Real Estate

How COVID-19 Is Changing Real Estate

How COVID Changed Real Estate

COVID-19 greatly changed how the world worked, and real estate was no exception to this. Take a look below at some of the ways COVID changed real estate. Some of these changes have lasted, and some will continue to change with time.

If you have any questions or need some advice on your family’s real estate situation amid what’s going on, please reach out anytime. I’m happy to have a simple chat or have a more formal consultation to help you make your decisions. There’s never any obligation on your end. 

Virtual Consultations for Buyers and Sellers

Consultations are more important than ever for both buyers and sellers, and can be facilitated over email, phone, or video calls. With the changing health and economic environments, it’s important for us to discuss what makes the most sense for you. I will always put your best interests first. Everyone’s situation is different, so understanding risks, protections, timelines and general options is so important.

Open Houses

For a while, open houses were not permitted here in Ontario due to restrictions. After years of this type of mentality, many home owners are still not comfortable with open houses, while other home owners are happy to include them in their marketing plan. When it comes time to sell your home, we will always discuss the pros and cons of an open house so you can make an informed decision.


Virtual showings became much more common than ever before! Although in person showings are always the best way to go, sometimes it’s just not possible. COVID encouraged many sellers to be sure their marketing includes a virtual tour option, floor plans, or video. These great tools allow you to get a feel for the house before even going inside. Here are some of the options we can do showings:

  • We can review a home’s video/virtual tour/floor plans together (through a phone call or video call).
  • If a home doesn’t have these types of virtual marketing available, I can conduct a showing by myself and show you the home through a video call. I have helped buyers purchase this way previous to COVID-19, and they were very happy with the process.
  • Of course, the usual in-person showing. Some homes may still have health and safety measures in place, at the seller’s discretion. I always try to be respectful of these requests.

Offers and Paperwork

Technology is a wonderful thing! I’ve been using secure e-signature programs for the past couple years. It’s a quick and easy process that allows you to review and sign offers and paperwork from wherever you are, via a smartphone, tablet or computer. With all paperwork, I will give you a call to walk you through exactly what you are signing, so you have every opportunity to ask questions and fully understand your contracts. Many lawyers and lenders have also adopted newer technology systems, making the process of buying and selling a home more convenient than ever.

Questions? Want to chat more about your situation? Reach out anytime.